Thank you for purchasing the MOTU PCI-324 Audio Interface.н Below you will find late-breaking information not found in the MOTU PCI-324 users manuals.


This software is compatible with Windows 98SE, Windows Me, Windows 2000, and Windows XP.


Audio performance can be heavily degraded on systems with early chipset and UDMA drivers.н We suggest that you update your chipset and UDMA drivers with the most recent versions.н Contact the your computer manufacturer or visit their web site for details.нн


Important: Installation

Be sure you install the MOTU PCI-324 software before connecting your PCI-324 interface, run SETUP.EXE.н Windows' plug-and-play alone does not complete a full install.


GSIF Update:

MOTU PCI-324 now supports GSIF versions 2.2 and later.н At this time Nemesys GigaXXX products are only available for Windows 98Se and Windows Me.



MOTU will periodically post software driver updates onto our website downloads area.н We recommend that you visit periodically and check on available updates.н Our website is located at


WDM or legacy (MME)?

The MOTU PCI-324 installs a WDM driver which runs more efficiently in host sequencers (like SONAR) that have full WDM support.н For complete Wave support while using applications which do not support WDM technology, check the "Enable full Wave Support..." in the MOTU PCI-324 Console.




Thank you again.


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